How G&P Accounting Services Helps Clients Save Their Business

Many business owners take bookkeeping for granted while establishing or growing their company until they run into difficulties and become daunted by the pile of paperwork they need to catch up on. Don’t make this mistake. Our bookkeeping services in Oakville can help you do things properly from day one.

Our team at G&P Accounting Services can assist with your financial activities and manage your bookkeeping requirements, so you can focus on running your business and satisfying your customers.

We customize our bookkeeping services to suit the needs of every business. Our goal is to help you maximize your money and ensure that your earnings can stretch as far as possible to keep your company thriving.

Eliminate the guesswork in bookkeeping.

Keeping track of all business financial activities is important no matter where you are in terms of growth or development. However, it can become time-consuming and complicated, especially when you are focused on other important things. Be careful. Mismanagement and doing things at the last minute could lead to errors and cause financial instability during periods of growth or slowdowns.

Our bookkeeping services in Oakville can save you from all that trouble. Aside from keeping track of receivables and payables, we also do many other things to help your business run smoothly:

Monitor your cash flow.

We make it our responsibility to ensure your company has sufficient funds. By regularly monitoring your cash flow, we can inform you and offer timely advice if your business could use more cash.

Monthly accounts reconciliations

We prepare and reconcile your books of accounts to keep your finances up-to-date and valid. It also ensures they are easier to analyze.

Eliminate surprise taxation and save on taxes.

Our team at G&P Accounting Services understands how stressful tax season can be. That’s why our bookkeeping services in Oakville will organize your records to simplify tax filing and prevent you from underpaying or overpaying your taxes. We will make sure you can meet deadlines to avoid penalties and audits.

Analyze your business

Our bookkeepers can prepare reports like accounts receivable, accounts payable, loss statements, simplified profit, and cash summaries to help you understand the direction and health of your business.

Get Investors

Investors want to know your company’s financial health before they work with you. We will keep your books updated and clear, so prospective investors can review your status and make informed decisions.