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The Harmonized Sales Tax or HST is one of the two kinds of sales taxes in Canada, the other being Provincial Sales Tax.

HST is a value-added tax, which means that it functions on an input-and-output system. When you buy something, you pay the input tax, and if you sell something, you collect the output tax from the buyer. As a taxpayer, you must deduct input from output taxes and then remit the difference to the CRA. The HST tax rate in all provinces is 15%, except Ontario. In Ontario, the rate is 13%.

As with most tax-related matters, HST can become complicated for businesses, especially for self-employed individuals and small companies operating nationwide or across several provinces (online or otherwise). You have to manage and deal with inconsistencies in tax rates, whether your customer is based on a PST or HST province.

Sounds overwhelming? We have a tax accountant who is ready to take care of everything HST and assist you with other tax-related matters. Whether you’re preparing for tax season, grappling with self-employed tax, or needing guidance on filing a final tax return after death, our team at G&P Accounting Services will work closely with you and provide tailored solutions that can simplify the process and eliminate errors.

How can a tax accountant near me help?

No matter where you operate, you can always count on our tax and accounting services from Mississauga. We also serve nearby areas like Oakville and Brampton, ensuring each client gets personalized services.

When you hire G&P Accounting Services, you are hiring a credible and qualified tax accountant who will carefully examine your taxes and books before you file with the CRA. We’re confident that you can benefit enormously from our expertise in other matters like tax adjustments.

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Where can I find a tax preparer near me?

Part of our tax planning services is helping you prepare the final tax return for a deceased loved one. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, so leave it to our certified CPAs. Our team at G&P Accounting Services will help complete Form RC552 and manage your tax matters with the CRA on your behalf.

Custom HST and tax assistance are just a message away

Book your first consultation with G&P Accounting Services to meet a qualified tax accountant who can help with your HST and other tax planning needs. Don’t worry; it’s free! If you decide to hire us, we will make sure you’re getting the best tax and accounting services with transparency and respect for your privacy.

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